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Scuba and Snorkeling experience.

Arcachon bay is the bay of Atlantic Ocean on the southwest coast of France. The main diving area for Bordeaux divers is the Arcachon bay. It is a lagoon of 250 square km. The Arcachon Bay is the biggest sand dune in Europe.

Dive sites in Arcachon bay

The two main dive sites are Hortense and Saint Yves, but many other places are also interesting to spend time with sports. Advanced divers will dive out of the Arcachon bay on several wrecks, such as Le Chariot.

Scuba and snorkelling

Scuba diving is an adventure open to anyone aged 12 or above. At the bottom of the dune, you can find a number of cafes and memorial shops. With the right training and support, you could be very soon enjoying your own scuba diving adventure!

Snorkelling is a great fun, attractive and interesting adventure. It is easy to learn and an ideal way to build up confidence inside the water. It is available to anyone, young or old and is an enjoyable way to get the whole family involved. A great opportunity for younger generations of a family, snorkelling is a great introduction for underwater sports and can be your first step towards learning to dive.

Safety and enthusiasm in Arcachon bay

To promote and develop best practice for divers, regardless of affiliation or location throughout the world. Extreme safety for divers is provided from the centre.
Arcachon Bay is a real paradise for enthusiastic water sports. A little inland sea that provides the ideal conditions for beginners and the more experienced, a one-stop shop for selecting and reserving your water-based activities.

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