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Theatre Trianon in Bordeaux.

The Trianon theatre was built in 1913, with its facade, warm atmosphere, its red armchairs orchestra and balcony, is a refined place. Its varied programme allows appreciating throughout the year blockbuster parts, one man show but also dance, jazz and many other surprises. By the time, the audience of the new Trianon theatre was untiring praise on the new hall at which the sweet word applies perfectly. Trianon is offering it is public shows starting from the beginning. When Mr Kleber Harpain was the director of this theatre in 1924 made it acquire the unique place in the provincial theatre.

Early making of Theatre Trianon

Caring about the shows in Trianon, management also helped him without hesitating to call upon the services of renowned artists: Marguerite Moreno, Francoise Rosay, Madeleine Renaud, Madeleine Robinson and Maurice Escande. In 1954, the victim of the day style and taxes that weigh heavily on the exploitation of performances, Trianon was the sole permanent comedy theatre still existing within the province for good off its ramp.

Since then, it became a cinema. In 2009 Frédéric Bouchet, already been the director of Salinières Theatre, is interested in Trianon. He decided a few weeks to save the last stage, with the Femina Theatre, a survivor of repeated destruction. Today it is the oldest theatre in Bordeaux, next to Grand Theatre.

A beautiful room in the eye of the Bordeaux city was the parking lot of big men a few metres away, the ideal place to spend a wonderful evening for amusement. The fantastic theatre that has to be visited in Bordeaux at least once to have the fascinating visit of three theatres with Trianon and the cafe theatre of beautiful arts. The hospitality here in this Trianon theatre is also well that one take care of us as we enter into a new place of visit and it will be better to book the tickets earlier in online through their website.

Golden triangle location of Trianon theatre

The ambience will be such warm will welcoming staffs and fascinating arts that give us the exact enjoyment in tourism with greeted kindness and a better humour! A magnificent place at the eye of Bordeaux city where at the corner of the street, the tram is available and the most benefits of the Trianon is its location, being close to many of the famous and homely restaurants.

For the Trianon is the human-sized room, that was missing in Bordeaux for a programme of humour and music. Besides comedians, “one man shows” or shows came directly off the festival of Avignon. The Trianon welcomes musicians, bands and singers from all walks. Ideally found in the Golden Triangle of Bordeaux that is at the mid of Femina Theatre, opera and French cinema.

TheatreTrianon is currently a gem with concerning a pair of 50 seats touch 2 levels, with a really 50’s decoration and very comfy armchairs. The spectators, wherever they are placed in the room and can attend the show in absolutely unique conditions, feeling of being on stage, next artists. A luxury! To book tickets online or to have a glance on the displays before reaching the theatre it will be easy for anyone to go through the website of Trianon theatre on

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