Pey-Berland Tower

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Pey Berland Tower in Bordeaux.

Tour Pey-Berland was named for its patron Pey-Berland, is found in Bordeaux at the Place Pey-Berland next to Cathedral Saint-Andre. Its construction was begun from 1440 to 1500 at the initiative of the bishop of identical name. Topped aspire, it’s remained isolated from the remainder of the Cathedral to shield the Cathedral from the vibrations of the bells. When the completion was done, the church had at the start no cash for the acquisition of bells. Thus, the tower was used for housing till 1790. After 1790, a lead industrial plant was originated within the tower. Bells were put in when 1851. Therefore, the tower began to be used for its original purpose.

Antiquity of Pey-Berland Tower

The gargoyle, 50m high Gothic belfry, Tour Pey-Berland was erected between the year 1440 and 1466. Its tower was other within the nineteenth century, and in 1863, it had been topped off with the sculpture of Notre Dame American state l’Aquitaine (Our woman of Aquitaine). Scaling the tower’s 231 slim steps rewards you with a spectacular panorama of the town.

There square measure plenty of stairs to climb however the views from the highest square measure worthwhile. A number of individuals allowed in at just one occasion are restricted however it’s not an extended wait. It’s principally in European country usual that the “campanile”, the tower is separated from the church. It looks that it’s conjointly common in France, a minimum of in Bordeaux. The Saint Michel basilica has conjointly a separated bell-tower. If you’re young ad work, you’ll be able to manage the 231 steps to the highest.

People those that love mounting tall things to ascertain the read, the tour Pey-Berland is that the place to try to it in Bordeaux! For a reasonable price, one will climb up the stone spiral steps to a viewing platform with 360-degree views of the town and a history of the event of Bordeaux on paintings round the walls. One visiting here shouldn’t forget there’s conjointly an extra flight of stairs that takes you to a 50m platform round the tower. Though you would like to be the scale of a midget to induce through the door!!

Fantastic architecture of Pey-Berland Tower

Tour Pey-Berland was engineered because the tower of a consequent door cathedral within the early 1440’s. Cathedral wasn’t thought to be sturdy enough to require the movement of the new bells. Nowadays the Pey-Berland tower contains a bell deliberation eight tonnes. Everybody can expect and admire that god solely is aware of however they got it up there!! It is obvious that it doesn’t appear as if cathedrals of Ile American state France. Tough for her to vie Amiens, Chartres or urban centre, but its heterogeneous look has one thing sudden and loveable explicit by its separate tower.

The Royal Gate opened within the north wall of the area with its vogue evokes the blossom of French Gothic thirteenth century. Its restoration has resurrected its original look. Indeed, like several different cathedrals sculptures were painted in bright colours to succeed the imagination of the folks. The tower of the twelfth century was sufficiently stout to support the bells and host the drone. Thus, it had been necessary to create him a private tower, detached from the saint-Andre Cathedral.

The read of this Pey-Berland is such marvellous and offers out an explicit holy feeling collectively enter the cathedral. Within the tower, the cathedral is crammed with ancient designer works that shows the dedication of sculptures and it’s extremely awe-inspiring to own a glance within the first light with daylight passing through and beneath the sunshine of sun notably it provides a wide-ranging look. A spiral step of 231 steps can get guests to the 2 terraces at the highest of the tower commanding the majestic cathedral.


Palais Gallien

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Palais Gallien of Bordeaux

A little away from the city center, the Palais Gallien rises the oldest vestige of Bordeaux. In the seventeenth century, the Palais Gallien served as a refuge for mobsters.

The Bordeaux amphitheatre Palais Gallien says is a Roman arena from the early century and it remains still today. It is the subject of classifications as the historical monuments since 1840. Today only a relatively small portion remains of what was once quite a large Roman amphitheatre. On the whole elliptical in shape, the amphitheatre measures about 70 metres in 47 metres when it was complete and is thought to have had a seating capacity of at least 17,000 people once.

Satellite version

The arena was built by the 3rd century AD when Bordeaux, then known as Burdigala, was the capital of the Roman region of Aquitaine. Historical sources indicate that it was probably built to mark the visit to Aquitaine by the Emperor Lucius Septimius Bassianus, habitually known to be Caracalla. Though only a part of the amphitheatre still stands today, one can get an idea of how big it was once on the Google map below. Looking at the satellite version of the map, one will clearly see the standing remains of the amphitheatre. Also, can then trace the standing arc to the right and follow the shape of this arc as it is has been preserved in the alignment of the roofs of the buildings that were developed against the amphitheatre and then those that were built after such portions were destroyed.

History of Palais Gallien

The Gallo- Roman city of Burdigala could have built this amphitheatre at the Caracalla passage in Aquitaine. The wall remains are mix-up opus, alternating with regularity small stones white stone and brick beds, a device used between the late second and third centuries. The 2010-2011 excavations were used to refine the dating proposed in the early second century.

It is assumed that the amphitheatre was burned during major raids on the Frankish Gaul 275/276. Chronicles indicate that it would have burned for two days, which is consistent with the presence of wooden bleachers. It was later abandoned. It constituted a refuge of mobsters and prostitutes in the seventeenth century and became a tip “sludge and buriers”.

There are also early sources that seem to suggest that the ruins are the remains of a palace built by Charlemagne for his wife Gallien. There is, however, no doubt whatsoever that these are the remains of a Roman amphitheatre. According to sources, the building owes its name similar to a legend of the middle Ages, which interprets it as a palace and attributes its construction Gallien Charlemagne for his wife. This allocation is recognised as wrong because of the building is a Roman amphitheatre with oval rim reads well on the aerial view of the city of Bordeaux.

Survival of Palais Gallien

Other sources indicate that the Palais Gallien was named after emperor Gallienus, who reigned from 253 to 268. However, the construction technique seems anterior to the reign of this prince. The currencies of Gallien, Tetricus and Posthumus were discovered in the excavations of the building, as well as potsherds starting from the third century, but there has also discovered a bronze of the reign of Emperor Trajan, who maintains the doubt on the date of construction. A revealing programme in between 2010-2011 made it possible to more precisely date the monument at a perfect day.

Bordeaux’s Origins date back to Roman times, but from that era, nothing but the Palais Gallien has survived. It is rather a curious sight as it is located amidst residential buildings and not visible until you have reached it. It was probably meant for Games and for combat between gladiators. It is very similar in size and spatial organisation to the stadiums of Arles and Nimes. In the 17th century, the Palais Gallien served as a shelter for thieves and prostitutes and it was rumoured that it was a meeting place for witches, until mayor transformed it into a public quarry during the French revolution.


Place des Quinconces

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Place des Quinconces, Bordeaux.

The massive square in Bordeaux.

The Place des Quinconces, placed in Bordeaux of France, is one amongst the biggest town squares in Europe that’s around thirty-one acres. It absolutely was arranged come in the year 1820 on the location of Trumpet Castle, supposed to stop a rebellion against a town. The guns were turned towards the centre. Its current form looks like a lengthened parallelogram rounded off with a semicircle was adopted by 1816. The trees were planted and inquincunxes, thence the name of the square in 1818.

Erection of Place des Quinconces

The two rostral columns (21 metres in height) facing the river were erected by Henri-Louis Duhamel heap in 1829. One amongst them symbolises commerce, whereas the opposite stands for navigation. The white intellect sculptures of Michel Montaigne and Montesquieu (by sculptor chicken Fortuné Maggesi) were accessorial in 1858. The principal monument was erected between 1894 and 1902 in memory of the Girondists WHO fell victim of the Reign of Terror throughout the French Revolution. It’s composed of an oversized pedestal framed with 2 basins, embellished with bronze horses and troops, and head by an oversized column with a sculpture on the prime that represents the spirit of liberty.

It’s very large and surrounded by mature trees on each side. There is a pretty cascade at the end near town and a city bike station at each end. A couple of drunks hanging around angry in the world, but they don’t bother us. At the feet of the tank with horses: cognitive content, Lie and Vice. The quadriga horse-fish could be an illustration of Happiness. The column was designed by Achille Dumilatre and wealthy. The pedestal is by Corgolin. In 1983, the horses that were removed throughout the German occupation of France in warfare II were re-erected with their bronze improved.

Contemporary modifications in place des Quinconces

By the installation of a tram system in 2003, the place has become the foremost vital transport hub of the realm, with 2 tram lines, twenty-one bus lines (including three night buses), an electrical shuttle, and twelve coach lines through Gironde, additionally as a reception space within the south. A charming interpretation of seahorses that our children were enchanted by – don’t make a special visit, but if you are walking past it is usually worth a stop off.

The fountains have a remarkable history – at least their story worked out well! At the vast square esplanade des Quinconces laid out in 1820, one will see the Girondins monument fountain. Les Girondins was a group of moderates, bourgeois National Assembly deputies during the French Revolution, 22 of who were executed in 1793 after being convicted of counter-revolutionary activities.

The place of the Quinconces is a large tree-lined grassy area in the North of Bordeaux where an ancient castle once stood. It is said to be the largest square in Europe. When we visited, they were packing up a visiting circus or fair of some sort on the grounds. It remained us of the county fairgrounds in many American state capitals which have celebratory parks and special exhibition buildings. At the East end stand, two Rostra columns each topped with a statue looking out onto the Wharf chartrons, a parking lot, Garonne river and tour boat landing area. Higher up at the West end is the Monument aux Girondins. Walking through the  interconnecting paths, two statues are encountered with Montaigne and Montesquieu. “Local boys” who made it sense well.


St. Michael Basilica

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Saint Michael church in Bordeaux.

The St. Michael basilica, Bordeaux, may be a Flamboyant Gothic church in Bordeaux of France, engineered between the tips of the fourteenth century, therefore, the sixteenth century.

Early times of St. Michael Basilica

The ambo represents Saint Michael execution the dragon. The stained-glass windows were destroyed throughout the bombardment of 1940. The separate tower, that is 114 meters tall, was inbuilt the fifteenth century. In 1881, a Gallo-Roman graveyard and catacombs were discovered underneath the tower, with many naturally mummified bodies. The church may be a listed historical monument.

The saint Michel church, close to the tower with a constant name, is one amongst the foremost stunning within the town. Displaying a gothic vogue, it had been engineered throughout the twelfth century and had a field opposite the site that began to be employed in the fifteenth century so as to make the tower. It’s a basilica, one amongst the most churches of the town, Gothic flamboyant. It shares associate degree uncommon detail with the church Saint Andre church in Bordeaux, of getting its bell that during this, it’s quite one hundred ten metres high and dominates the medieval quarter moon port that’s separated from the church.

You can still visit the burial chamber, wherever one will see mummies within and it had been a really well-revered place. It’s a landmark that forms a crucial of the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization world heritage, together with the remainder of the district since 1998. The development of a bigger church began once the saint Michel district was enclosed within the town walls.

Fascinating facts about St. Michael Basilica

The Popular Basilica of Saint-Michael is one of the main catholic churches of worship that is present in the city of Bordeaux in France. This church is mainly characterized by its gothic style. It is not difficult to find as it is located in the city centre. If one takes a walk on the harbours of Bordeaux, it will be easy to see the top of ‘Bell’. The bell is found on the place Saint-Menard familiarly called as place saint-Michael for its Basilica.

St. Michael Basilica is such a striking gothic church with beautiful stain glasses. Strong mildew odour if you are sensitive. The stain glass windows were striking and are somewhat abstract in appearance. Basilica is found in the popular area the famous capuchin, it welcomes every week one of the most famous flea markets in Bordeaux. Still very active and is currently under renovation, the St.Michael Basilica is one of the busiest places of worship Bordeaux.

In the south side of the central town, an area is a stunning Gothic Basilica and huge separate belfry almost 400 feet tall. Apparently one can go to the top of the belfry, however, when I was there at the base of the belfry had been taken over by homeless protestors.

Fabulous architecture of St. Michael Basilica

Construction of the basilica St. Michael began sometime in the 1350’s and took over 200 years to complete. The structure is a wonderful example of gothic architecture along with Fleche St. Michael. Although each structure stands on its own way they both comprise what is considered to be a single structure. They stand at a famous pilgrimage route.

The interior of the buildings is quite impressive from the outside view itself and works are such amazing. This is a great quarter of Bordeaux being very central, very historic and currently undergoing a major refurbishment. It has a strong immigrant flavour and the shops and restaurants are very sophisticated. Lots of students and artists and then Lots of bobos are now moving in with the Michelois. Don’t miss the March of Capuchins and the Sunday flea market on the Place Maynard.

St. Seurin Basilica

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The Church Saint Seurin of Bordeaux.

St. Seurin Basilica is an architectural wealth to Bordeaux. The basilica is categorised by World heritage site since 1980’s. One of the beautiful and perfect wedding location in the city of Bordeaux.

Design of St. Seurin basilica

The St. Seurin basilica is built in the Romanesque style of architecture. Basilica’s history goes back to the beginning of Christendom during the 6th century. The oldest church of Bordeaux is St. Seurin basilica.

The best sculptor of Bordeaux’s ancient church is Dominique Felix Maggesi. The basilica was greatly remodelled in the 18th century. Because of the religious significance, the basilica is a major stop on the French section of the Santiago de Compostella route in Bordeaux.

Existence of famous Seurin basilica

The famous and dramatic gothic structure of the church that were added over centuries back still persists and admired by tourists until today.

St. Seurin Basilica is quite remarkable for its incredible photogenic 14 alabaster bas-reliefs. The church is easily reachable by walk, by tram via Route B (stop Gambetta) or by car. The tomb of Saint-Fort was built during the 11th century in the St. Seurin basilica.

Things to admire in the basilica

The 11th-century church has undergone frequent renovations, but its hidden treasure lies under its core. In the st. Seurin basilica, a collection of amphora came from Orient and Africa, with 500 coins.

Inside the crypt, you can find several erections of differents centuries. As the basilica has become a too ancient place, it has been made and maintained as an archaeological site.
The floor inside is modern and there are steps to access parts of the site. The entrance fee is 3.50 Euros but well worth a visit! Do not miss your trip to St. Seurin basilica while visiting Bordeaux!

Some pics!


Place de la bourse

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Place de la Bourse, Bordeaux.

Information and facts of Place de la Bourse. The square is also known as Place Royale which is one of Bordeaux's most beautiful destinations.

Place de la bourse is one among the foremost placeable glimpses of Bordeaux. Its designer was Ange-Jacques Gabriel. It absolutely was designed from 1730 to 1775.

Place de la bourse could be a part of the Port of the Moon in Bordeaux that has been listed by UN agency as World Heritage since 2007. The royal square could be a fine example of an impressive urban along that was designed throughout the eighteenth century whereas the reign of King of France was happening. The spectacular setting of Place American state law securities market on the sting of the Garonne River shows a monumental succession of comparable buildings that forms endless and balanced building curtain.

Antiquity of Place de la bourse

King of France needed a royal sq. to be arranged a call at Bordeaux to celebrate himself as a real image of France. He commissioned it from intending Butcher and entrusted the royal designer Ange-Jacques Gabriel with its construction. The property Exchange Hall towards the north, the Farms Hall towards the south, a central building to the West and also the Garonne River to the South, frames its rectangular form. It showed Boucher’s can open Bordeaux onto the stream, so as to show a hospitable and prestigious image to the travellers from alternative cities and countries. A vicinity of the town wall was destroyed so as to form a sq. That’s meant to be a logo of Bordeaux’s prosperity.

La Place American state law securities market is paying homage to alternative royal squares designed below the reign of King of France within the eighteenth century. Place Stanislas in Nancy and Place American state la Concorde and Place Vendome in Paris.

They share a classical vogue that dominated the 2d 1/2 eighteenth century. Galvanized by the excavation of Pompeii and Herculanum ancient cities, the classical design uses Graeco-Roman parts. This type of architecture was benefitted by King of France. UN agency used it to symbolize his political power in associate urban context. Inaugurated in 1749, the Royal sq. had an associate equestrian sculpture of King of France however it absolutely was destroyed throughout the Revolution and was replaced by a Liberty tree.

The sq. was renamed Place American state la Liberté. Throughout the general Empire, it became Place Imperial, however, came back to its original name once the restoration of autocracy. It absolutely was given its current name once the 1848 Revolution: Place American state law securities market (Stock Exchange Square). From 1869, the 3 Graces fountain has been within the middle of the sq. It represents Aglae (Splendour), Euphrosyne (Mirth) and Thalia (Good Cheer), Zeus’s daughters. It absolutely was designed by gladiator Luchino Visconti and solid by Gumery and Jouandot.

About Place de la bourse

The former exchange Hall is currently Bordeaux’s Chamber of Commerce and trade. La Place American state law securities market could be a fine example of a French type of architecture. On the façade mascarons of those buildings one will observe Neptune gap the city’s commerce; Mercury favouring this commerce; Roman deity protective the arts; the allegory of your time discovering Truth; the Garonne-Dordogne junction and the African women’s faces in regard to the slave traffic that brought wealth to Bordeaux. The square clock is adorned with paintings and tapestries plain-woven within the Gobelin mill.

Place American state law securities market conjointly referred to as Place Royale, is one among Bordeaux’s most stunning squares. Place American states the securities market and its close buildings area unit seen as an ideal example of Bordeaux design at the tip of the eighteenth century. The name of Place American state law securities market comes from the very fact that the Chamber of commerce and alternative economic establishments area unit put in within the close buildings.

“Place American state la Bourse” merely interprets to “Square of the Wallet”. The south tent, that is that the one hospitable the general public homes the Customs depository. This depository could be a customs depository displaying the history of Bordeaux as a dock city, models of various styles of ships, guidance instruments and far a lot of.


The Grand Theatre

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The Grand Theeatre of Bordeaux.

Grand Theatre could be a theatre in Bordeaux of France that was initially inaugurated on seventeen Apr 1780. The ballet La young woman Mal Gardée was initially premiered during this theatre by the year 1789 and wherever a young Marius Petipa staged a number of his initial ballets.

Precious archives of Grand theatre

The theatre was designed by the designer named Victor prize-fighter in between 1731 and 1800. Prize-fighter later designed the galleries close the gardens of the Palais Royal and therefore, the Theatre Français in Paris.

The Grand Theatre of Bordeaux was formed as a temple of the humanities and light-weight, with a neo-classical facade. It’s a porch of around twelve Corinthian vogue stupendous columns that support associate construction on that stands the twelve statues representing the 9 Muses and 3 goddesses specifically Juno, Venus and Roman deity. Pierre-François Berruer created four of the statues and his assistant Van den Drix carven the others from Berruer’s models.

Antiquity wonders of Grand theatre

In 1871, this theatre was in short the National Assembly for the French Parliament. The within of the theatre was rehabilitated in 1991 and once more has its original colours of blue and gold. The Grand Theatre of Bordeaux is one in every of the oldest wood frame opera homes in Europe to not have burnt or needed reconstruction.

Today the theatre is home to the Opera National of Bordeaux, moreover because the Ballet National American state Bordeaux that has several international dancers like Igor Yebra from Spain and Kase Craig from New Island. On the occasion of the pageant of music in 2015, future music professionals are going to be collectively at the area. The day before, Saturday, the fruits of 2 comes conducted throughout the year by the Opera and its partners on kid learning courses in dance and song, is projected. The Bordeaux National Opera grandly celebrates the music.

Along with the operas of Versailles and city, the Grand-Theatre has one in every of the foremost lovely eighteenth-century concert halls within the world!

Designing and making of Grand Theatre

Garnier, the designer United Nations agency designed the Paris Opera, visited “Victor Louis’s palace” and remarked that it had been within the same spirit as his own creation. The sole opinion was writer, United Nations agency thought it had been the ugliest building he had ever seen! However, you will be able to never please everybody…

The masterpiece by Victor Louis was designed throughout the reign of King of France. This Parisian designer was concerned right down to the littlest details and planned not simply a hall, however conjointly a café, boutiques, and even gambling dens…

On 3 separate occasions, the hall was the seat of the French parliament. In effect, Bordeaux was shortly the capital of France in 1870, 1914, and 1941. Restoration over the past few years has fixed the theatre’s original gloss The eighteenth-century décor, broken by oil lamps, another time shines. This neo-classic monument dedicated to the muses will be visited all year long depending on the rehearsal and concert schedule.

Decorations made in grand theatre

Decorated in luxurious blue, white and gold – the colours of royalty – the area of the Bordeaux Grand theatre and an eighteenth-century subject masterpiece by victor Louis is currently the stage for the Bordeaux National Opera. Within the course of its long history dotted with theatre plays, operas and concerts, the grand theatre has vied host to the foremost renowned artists. Today surpass Thierry Fouquet, the Bordeaux National Opera chiefly puts on lyrical and dance performance self-praise exceptional inventive range: from composer to the conductor via Mozart and Verdi.

It has an awfully a big permanent team of artists with around one hundred ten musicians from the Bordeaux National Orchestra conducted by Kwame Ryan, thirty-eight dancers from the National Ballet directed by Charles Jude and thirty-seven artists from the Bordeaux National Opera choir, accompanied  every seasons by guest artists: international conductors Darell home reserve, Pablo Heras- Casado and plenty of additional, prestigious soloists and singers like Nathalie Dessay, Cecilia Bartoli, Renaud Capucon, Nemanja Radulovic and nice choreographers like Angelin Prejocaj.

Each year nearly 2 lakh of spectators return through the doors of the Bordeaux national opera wherever, in parallel to the inventive schedule, they will relish open days, temporary exhibitions and radio-controlled tours.


Bordeaux Cathedral

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Bordeaux Cathedral in Bordeaux, France.

Bordeaux Cathedral (Cathedral Saint-André de Bordeaux) is a “Roman Catholic cathedral”, seat of the Archbishop of Bordeaux, located in Bordeaux. The church was consecrated by Pope Urban II in 1096 of the original Romanesque edifice, only a wall in the nave remains. The Saint-André cathedral at Bordeaux is an imposing Gothic edifice located in the heart of the capital of Aquitaine.

Early significant facts of Bordeaux Cathedral

It is the largest religious building of Bordeaux and has been honoured by UNESCO as a World Heritage site. The Royal Gate is from the early 13th century while the rest of the construction is mostly from the 14th to 15th centuries. This building is a national monument of France.

In this church during 1137, the 13-year-old Eleanor of Aquitaine married the future Louis VII, a few months before she became the Queen. A separate bell tower that is Pey-Berland tower is next to this cathedral. The site is served by line A and B of the tramways of Bordeaux station at the stop “Hotel de Ville”.

The Cathedral is home to the Marcade collection, which consists of a group of 42 illuminations, among other objects like paintings, sculptures, liturgical vestments and silver objects. It was decided to the Cathedral of Bordeaux by canon Marcade in 1947. Of note, these illuminations, little studied so far, will be exhibited at the beginning of 2015 in the cathedral, in a room specially designed for this collections.

Extraordinary design of exterior of Cathedral Bordeaux

This Cathedral is a huge building with a great feeling of vastness. The visitor will get a fantastic view of the exterior, especially of the roof, from the bell tower next door. Well worth a visit! It’s obvious that it does not look like cathedrals of Ile de France. Difficult for her to compete Amiens, Chartres or Reims, however, its heterogeneous appearance has something unexpected and endearing particular by its separate bell steeple. Its walls have seen in 1137 the marriage of Eleanor of Aquitaine and Louis VII, the future King of France and five centuries later, the union of Anne of Austria and Louis XIII.

At the time of the Revolution will become a store fodder sad destiny for this monument had to endure a devastating fire in the 19th century. So that his furniture was reconstituted with other churches remains.

The royal gate opened in the north wall of the nave with its style evokes the heyday of French Gothic thirteenth century. Its restoration has resurrected its original appearance. Indeed, like many other cathedrals sculptures were painted in bright colours to better achieve the imagination of the people. Bordeaux Cathedral is historic Monument and World Heritage Site by UNESCO since 1998 as well as the Basilica Saint-Michel and St. Seurin Basilica.

Cathedral St Andre in Bordeaux

The old cathedral said to be in ruins by the end of the eleventh century. Work began with the radiating chapels leaving the old chorus intact, the burial of “Archbishop Simon de Rochechouart”. Peace and prosperity of Bordeaux made possible by the 1259 accord of Paris. Wealth generated from the production of wine and textiles and even trade. The construction of that chorale was also helped by the support of Pope Clement V.

“The Saint-André cathedral” at Bordeaux is an imposing Gothic edifice located in the heart of the capital of Aquitaine. This is the biggest religious building of Bordeaux and has been listed by UNESCO as a “World Heritage site” since 1998.