Graves, Sauternes & Saint-Emilion

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Discover Chateau Graves, Sauternes and Saint-Emilion. The graves, Sauternes, and Saint-Emilion are the villages that involve the great production of wines with enormous varieties from its vineyards since early times of Bordeaux. People can discover renowned red wines, dry white and sweet wines from the Bordeaux vineyards and the early village of Saint-Emilion by the tour they visit the graves, …


Margaux, the Grands Crus

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Discover Château Margaux's Wines, Bordeaux. The Margaux title was the first Bordeaux area cultivated for vineyards. There is an evidence that the Romans planted grapes in the area almost 2000 years ago. The famed Roman poet Ausonious poetically called the region Marojallia, is where the winery is known as Marojallia, found its name. Skipping ahead close to 1700 years, Margaux …


Medoc, the art of wine

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Discover Medoc art of Wines, Bordeaux. Trace the winemaking process from wine to bottle and can learn how to decipher a French wine label. People can discover the Medoc through the castle where the arts, architectures and poetry are closely coupled with the wine. With the full day wine tour from Bordeaux, you will taste your way through the popular …

Castles & Terroirs

Castles & Terroirs

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Discover Castles and Terroirs in Bordeaux, France. The history of the first growths classified in 1855, in which the Chateau Lafite Rothschild remains still. The wines and castles in Bordeaux are the major parts that illuminate a city of Bordeaux, France. There are various wineries along with a variety of castles that produces wines and those castles are present from …

white wine

White Wine

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Discover White wines in Bordeaux. Bordeaux is more famous for its lush red wines, ​but few realize that the region also produces dry, crisp, floral white wine. Bordeaux has an extensive range of excellent white wines, from everyday classics to top quality fine wines. There are popular wines from all over the regions of France, as well as the rest …

red wine

Red Wine

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Discover Best Red Bordeaux Vintages Wines. From all time drinking wines to fine Bordeaux’s and Burgundy’s wines, you can choose from the vast selection of red wines is brought to you from all over the world. These includes popular wines from all the top regions of France, but there are also some lesser-known little gems to try out with a …


Pauillac and Medoc vineyard

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Discover Pauillac and Medoc, Bordeaux. Pauillac is a small town, since ancient times, sailors and winemakers have built on the edge of the estuary of the Gironde River. Throughout the 18th-century, facade of golden stones, over a kilometre of the quayside, you’ll find restaurants, hotels, shops along Bordeaux. Sweet Voyage on Pauillac Everyone can stroll, take a walk on wooden …

The Saint Emilion’s Village

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Discover Saint emilion village bordeaux. The preferred French village presented is a unique tour of France of the most beautiful villages. Saint Emilion village is an ancient village but the most beautiful among all located in the eye of Bordeaux where wine region is accessible. This is a distinctive place found along with wine industries, fine wines, pretty architectures and …