Café Andrée Putman

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Discover Café Andrée Putman (CAPC) Bordeaux! Located on the terraces of Contemporary Art Museum of Bordeaux, Café Andrée Putman attracts more visitors every day. The dishes offered in Café Andrée Putman are a mix of unexpected and classic flavours. Only open for lunch, I am glad to share with you that the set menu changes daily in this cafe. Café …


Brewery artists

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Discover Brewery artists Bordeaux!!! Located just a step from the lake, at the heart of the casino, the Brewery Artists invites you to choose your package as lunch buffets, Southwest bistro dishes, kinds of seafood, fish and grills. The atmosphere is sincere, friendly and openhearted which is the traditional restaurant. Best beer in Brewery artists The brewery artists are a …


Bistro du Musée

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Discover Bistro du Musée Restaurant, Bordeaux, France! The Bistro Museum located opposite to the cathedral right in the center of Bordeaux (Gironde). The Museum Bistro is a restaurant where the reception greatly hospitalises the visitors. Bordeaux is a city that takes fine dining with Bistro in a perfect way. Whether at traditional restaurants serving homemade cooking, brasseries, wine bars, or …


Parlement by Alex

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Discover Place of Parlement Bordeaux! The Bordelais are out for this beautiful sunny day… Parlement by Alex is a coffee shop. The pleasant smelling tearoom provides coffee,  hot drinks, cold drinks and homemade pastries. In Bordeaux, this cafe is one of my favorite! Great choice of tea of excellent quality. Worth a visit to parlement by Alex The service is …


Courtepaille Lake

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Discover Courtepaille Restaurant Bordeaux! Regular visitor for a long time is always happy to return from Courtepaille lake. The cuisine is simple and very correct for the prices (it’s really cheap), the correct service without frills but effective. Cost Effective Courtepaille Restaurant You can eat or to relax quickly, but if in a hurry anyway avoid peak hours on twelve …


Le Chapon Fin

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Discover Le Chapon Fin in Bordeaux! The chapon fin has the great wines of Bordeaux as well as wines from all other regions. The end chapon is over a century of gastronomy. This restaurant was inaugurated in 1825. The end chapon restaurant is one of the leading gourmet restaurants that were triple-starred at the history itself by Michelin in the …


Beautiful era

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The belle Époque or La belle Époque in English known as because the “Beautiful Era” was an amount of Western European history. It’s conventionally dated from the top of the warfare in 1871 to the eruption of war I in 1914. Occurring throughout the age of the French Third Republic (beginning 1870), it absolutely was an amount characterised by optimism, …


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Bordeaux is a famous tourist city in France. This is one of the largest urban area in fact contains more than 2 lakhs of population. Bordeaux has its major wine industry name for it specifically in France. It has contemporary art museums starting from early days. Some of the top places in Bordeaux will be Gallien palace, Market capuchin, cathedral, …


Palmer Park

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Discover Palmer Park of Bordeaux. The Templeton Trail is one of the more technical mountain bike trails on the Front Range. Circling Palmer Park, it is a little bit of a biking playground placed right. Palmer Park may be a park set in Cenon, city on the outskirts of Bordeaux, within the southwest of France. History of Palmer park The …


Botanical Garden

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Discover Botanical Garden in Bordeaux. The facility of Bordeaux Botanical garden could be a municipal facility found at Bordeaux town of France. It is open daily and absolve to all guests with none charge. This Historic garden has recently been supplemented by a facility of the Bastide that’s set across the stream.It is aforesaid that the city’s 1st gardens, at …