Dune of Pilat and Banc d’arguin

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Banc d'Arguin and dune of pilat

Sandy Ocean Island in the nature reserve.

The tallest sand dune in Europe is the dune of Pilat in Arcachon bay. The dune is 60 km from the city of Bordeaux. The dune of Pilat is also familiarly known as dune of pyla.

Dune of Pilat’s prominence

The dune of Pilat is a famous tourist destination with more than 1 million visitors per year. The Arcachon’s bay is a fascinating world with multiple landscapes like oyster ports, sandy beaches, pine forests, a famous peninsula and the highest dune in Europe.

Entertaining walk through the sand

A long way to Arcachon bay through sands is the dune of Pilat. People who love to walk in the sand can enjoy the most fun in the dune of Pilat. People used to take steps while feeling little tired. But it is the exact fun when you walk through the sand. Once you reach the top of the dune, you can have a tremendous view on all sides of the Arcachon bay.

Restaurants and villas on the dune

On the way of walk, there are cute villas to have a look at. Little restaurants are accessible on the way to the top of the dune. It takes a long time to reach to the top. People who are having physical problems in walking and breathing can just think twice before climbing on the dune.

A perfect walking experience on the sand of dune can be got. You would really need patience and enthusiasm to reach the tallest peak in Europe. It obviously takes an hour long to have the wonderful view on the top.

Attractive dune in France

Watching the sunset while walking on the dune is also a special experience. Dune of Pilat is the second most visited natural monument in France. It can be very hot so do wear a hat and take a bottle of water up with you. Mostly hot during summer but not all the time.

You can see the sunset with a guide with you. He/she explains you all about the dune and the top view of the gorgeous city.

About Banc d’arguin

The national nature reserve Banc d’ Arguin is a national nature reserve situated in Aquitaine of France. The Banc d’Arguin is a sandbar about 4 km long and 2 km wide at low tide. The Banc d’Arguin has been classified national nature reserve in 1972.

Exciting visit to banc d’arguin

Dune vegetation is kind, able to adapt to the extreme conditions of the dune. The Banc d’ Arguin is found next to the Bay of Biscay. The bay is located near vast ocean trenches. An abyssal plateau which is a privileged site for observing the dolphin, the Grey Seal or leatherback turtle is found.

Familiarity of the nature reserve

Sandy Ocean Island is the nature reserve. Banc d’Arguin is located at the entrance of Arcachon facing the Dune of Pilat. Banc d’arguin is the highest in Europe with its 107 metres. The Arguin bank is called a sandy island. The reserve has an exceptional landscape setting.

The dune vegetation makes it an important place for nesting birds protected. The reserve is also an important site for many wintering and migratory species. The amazing discovery of the nature reserve can be done throughout the year with visits and activities adapted to the various seasons.

Another park with the same name

Despite its protected status, the nature reserve is scared for growing crowds of tourists and the development of oyster farming on the outer area. Mauritania has a protected area with the same name. The Arguin Bank National Park also receives many colonies of migratory birds.

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Andernos and ares

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Andernos-Les-Bains and ares in Arcachon Bay.

Andernos Les Bains is located on the northeast shore of Arcachon Bay. To its northwest is the town of Arès. Andernos Les Bains consists of four other small cities known as the Taussat, Cassy, Lanton and Audenge.

Categorisation of villages in Andernos

All the four villages mentioned are recognised by their oyster farms and small fisheries. Since many years, oyster and the fishing industry provided a main income to the area. But recently, tourism has become a strong economic factor in Andernos.

Continuous disease affects in oyster industry

The bay in Andernos was well known for the Portuguese oyster. But it died during 1970-72 because of the gill disease. But, fortunately, a new oyster was found. It was the pacific oyster.

Again in 1974, a new oyster developed a disease caused by the paint used on the fishing boats. An oil tanker leak that happened in 1978 further destroyed the oyster industry. It continued to suffer until 1981.

This was a disaster for the whole France and Europe as the Arcachon oyster is a world famous quality. Since 2000, the oyster industry has been improving its level and now nearly 15,000 metric tons are produced per year.

Tourist places in Andernos

The 11th-century architectural heritage of the church of Saint-Eloi can be found on the very edge of the beach. The 8 miles of completely safe beaches will be a favourite place for all.

You can also enjoy an excursion around the bird island or a tailor-made day on the Banc d’Arguin sandbank. In the oyster-farming port, you can taste oysters in the huts, enjoy a delicious lunch or dinner in a restaurant. The popular and brightest cap ferret lighthouse with a wonderful view of the city of Bordeaux. A natural heritage town which is a typical site with sports and leisure activities.

About Ares city

Ares is located in the Gironde i.e. Aquitaine region. It is exactly on the southwest of France at 45 km from Bordeaux. Ares is around 526 km far away from Paris. Arcachon bay is just 12 km from Ares town.

Places to enjoy near Ares

The most interesting sights can be found within an easy driving distance of Ares. To make it a great place to enjoy yourself while you are in town. Arcachon Beach and Port of Arcachon are amongst the many popular places to visit. Be sure to visit the marvellous Mauresque Park and the Arcachon Golf Club. To spend time with nature, you can visit the cap ferret beach and do not miss the Parc Ornithologique of Teich.

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The visits by Les Médocaines

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Medoc vineyards destination in bordeaux.

Plan your holiday in Medoc.

The Cheese and wine pairing workshop are offered by the Bordeaux Tourism Office during seasonal times. Tourists and local can come and experience a unique and cordial moment with the visit by the Médocaines!

Visit by the Medocaines

The Médocaines wine colours tour is the most special tour that happens at June to August. People visit and discover the history and secrets of Château Paloumey and castle of Taillan before enjoying exclusive tastings of the 3 colours of Medoc wines likely the red, white and rose wines.

The Médocaines Wine Walk held during September and October. You can take a light breakfast and then walk through the vineyards of Castle Paloumey and taste pastries with grape juice. Before joining Château of Taillan for a tour of their historic cellars followed by tasting of their wines with bread and dairy. All these are done on a half-day tour in a minivan leaving from the Bordeaux Tourist Office.

Enthralling Cheese and wine pairing tour

The Cheese and Wine Pairing Tour mostly occur during the month of April and May. The Médocaines have chosen traditional French cheeses to pair with the wines of Castle of Taillan and Château Paloumey. A delicious treat and a great experience can be seen to enjoy in two welcoming estates in the South of Medoc.

It is the opportunity to discover all range of wines offered in both properties. At Castle of Taillan, the white wine and the rose wine are accessible and at castle Paloumey, it is two red wines.

Exciting visit to blending workshop

The blending workshop takes place on half-a-day and includes a visit of a property from where the vineyard to the vat room, the notion of blending will be the vital lead for the presentation. The following workshop consists of tasting of separate grape varieties in the Medoc area, Tasting of a mystery merge and of the final blend from the four properties.

Inspiring holiday with harvest workshop

The harvest workshop includes a morning of harvest, followed by a traditional harvest lunch and visit a second property where you visit the vat room, discover the wine making process and end with a wine tasting. They are really excited to offer these unique experiences to guests like you and look forward to helping guests discover another side of the Medoc.

New innovation in Bordeaux wine

Once again they have innovated newly in packaging and selling the Bordeaux wines. Already available as a mixed case, wines of Medoc are now presented as ‘WIT’ i.e. Wine in a tube. A test tube of wine, containing just enough for a generous glass is sealed with a screw cap to prevent oxidation. The gift set of the 4 wines is the perfect stocking filler.

Recent updates by four women

The association of four female winemakers in the district of Médoc in Bordeaux work towards increasing knowledge of winemaking. The ladies also run their own castles. If you are thinking of hitting Bordeaux in the springtime, be sure to sign up for their one-day introduction to wine blending. It is really amazing to have a visit!

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Château Olivier

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Chateau Olivier's Wine.

Chateau Olivier or Olivier castle is one of the grand estates found in the Bordeaux of France. The astonishing architecture of the castle is found at the heart of the estate consisting of forests, vines and grassy fields, Chateau Olivier emerges to be from its woods. The annexure buildings make this further as an exceptional site within the natural surroundings that is just 11 kilometres away from Bordeaux.

About Olivier castle – amazing facts – Chateau Olivier

Chateau Olivier is a too old aristocracy that dates back to the middle where Black prince had a habit of coming over here for hunting inside the forests found and those were so well-stocked with games. Starting from the nineteenth century, this estate has been owned by the family of old Bordeaux well known to be the shapes of Bethmann. The red and white wines from Chateau Olivier received the official classification during 1953.

When in 1857, one of the persons named Alexander of Bethmann from the family of Bethmann was selected as the mayor for Bordeaux, the family attained the responsibility of Olivier castle. From then till now some of their descendants are managing the Olivier castle.

Nowadays vineyards of this castle are undergoing a lot of work and investment. An agronomist and a winemaker, Laurent Lebrun has been entrusted for the estate’s general management. Along with technical directors, administrator, a financial manager then sales and marketing professionals a formed competent and passionate team is carried on smoothly under the management of Bethmann family.

During 1182, there was an occurrence of fire so Olivier castle was in a need to be rebuilt. The owners decided to build it in a troubadour style that will be unique for graves and the Bordeaux. Then after when it came to the hands of Alexander, it was officially listed as one of the Gironde’s scenic sites and well protected.  Castle of  Olivier was managed by Jean-Jacques de Bethmann until his death in July 2012 then led to his son Alexander of  Bethmann assuming the control.

Drastic Production in Olivier castle

The Olivier castle – Chateau Olivier – has characteristic terroirs that are equally spread with excellent white and red wines. The recent planning of the chateau Olivier has been allowed to extend its boundary to its former metres. The enormous estate of Olivier castle produces around 20, 000 cases of red wine per year and 3000 cases of white wine annually.

Once the castle of Olivier – Chateau Olivier – became to be of 220 hectares, only 50 hectares were isolated for wine and the remaining were allotted for forests, grazing and trees. The vineyard was planted for the production of both red and white wine.

This wine has won many prizes: the Guide Hachette des Vins awarded in 2001 the vintage of 2 Stars and in 2008 vintage of 1 Star. Among the higher-priced wines from Pessac-Leognan. The price has been stable over the past year in Olivier castle or Chateau Olivier. The new vat-house, re-designed to bring the very best out of each other estate plots, house the year’s harvest. This is a perfect balance between ancient architecture and state-of-the-art equipment.

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Sightseeing with Intendant, Bordeaux.

A vital wine dealer in the city of Bordeaux.

The intendant is retained by Duclot, a vital wine dealer in the city of Bordeaux. Along with a stock of various million bottles and large formats, bought directly from the castle and stored in 20, 000 m2 new cellars. The Duclot in 1886 was endowed by Sixte Duclot, then the company was named after acquiring in 1956 by Jean- Pierre Moueix.

Ancient times of Intendant

When Jean-Francois Moueix succeeded his father in 1970, he initiated a new activity, complementary to traditional trading in France and abroad. Exchanging wine to private customers, first by mail order and then in the store, the intendant and Bordeaux, the cave lafayette gourmet in Paris, the bordeauxtheque, chai and bar, chateaunet with its concept of a web site and associated stores.

Within the famous “Bordeaux triangle”, the historic heart of the city, behind the facade of a small seventeenth-century mansion, stands with an outstanding construction. A circular tower 12 metres high, which houses the greatest wines of Bordeaux, 15000 bottles spread over 5 levels. At the foot of the tower stands a beautiful original work of Jean Dubuffet, calmly entitled “The glass of water”.

Fabulous scramble in the world of Bordeaux wines

The ground floor offers a wide selection of half bottles and delightfully affordable wines. Then, the higher you go up the stairs and you get in the Bordeaux pyramid: after a selection of red and white wines at less than 20 Euros on the first steps, you will observe the crus bourgeois and second wines. Then you come to the classified growths of the Medoc, great red wines from Saint-Emilion, Pomerol and Pessac-Leognan followed by magnums.

Finally, a true sanctuary, the fourth and last floor contains a distinctive offering of great format bottles but also older vintages. And as some clients lack the time or originality to make their choice, the intendant provides boxes with two, three or six different bottles, Custom-ade assortments are also possible.

L’Intendant has been open for 15 years and is now run by manager Laurent Dumesny, but it is owned by Jean Francois Moueix’s Duclot negotiate house. This means one thing of particular interest to buyers of classified Bordeaux, that everything is bought in premier and in theory, prices for older vintages should be very reasonable that most wine shops have to re-stock at the going rate on the Place de Bordeaux.

It means they are at the mercy of present cost levels, whereas here you can pick up a La Pointe 2000 for €38 where it’s current price on 1855.fr is 43 Euros or Chateau Mouton Rothschild, 2002 for €295 compared to an 1855 price of €320. All wines are guaranteed to come straight away from the property, or from Duclot’s own vaults.

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La Ligne Rouge

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La Ligne Rouge meaning the red line is the name of the wine bar located at the foot of the door Calihau, at the historic monument of Bordeaux city’s gate. Ligne rouge offers wine in Bordeaux and elsewhere in the world. More than a hundred reference that progress regularly. You are offered in France, abroad, from organic or biodynamic, on or off the premises. Twelve of those wines are available by the glass; selection evolves according to your findings.

Stunning reality of the red line

They will be among the cafeteria “Table of Don Quixote,” cheeses attracts the mouse most of the classical productions AOC generally confidential refiners choleric skilled worker cakes and also the “sweet shack.” Dare to cross the Red Line! A nice place to have a chill out in this ligne rouge bar for wine.

If you have time to visit Bordeaux leisurely, you can have a visit during the music festival, where the owner is made to taste the wines blind by just in a glass. Then where he tells all the kind of wine placed for him while tasting. That looks really impressive and funny too!

The red line would be the best place to try and taste different wines at reasonable prices. The restaurant and bar are with affable ambience as well as the friendliness of the staff makes ligne rouge as a favourite among Bordeaux locations and moreover mainly well known for its quality and selection of wine available.

The choice of our wine can be chosen with the help of the owner who is always available to discuss our attraction towards wine and make our presence as much as enjoyable to extreme as feasible. Good choices of cheese and gammon are available at this wine bar and English speaking staffs help us choose wines and also recommend wines.

Worth Time spent in the red line Bordeaux

One will be excited to spend an evening at ‘La Ligne Rouge’ with their diverse international wine list. The best of wine bars around in which one would really love the arrangements inside the wine bar, as well the hospitality served by the waiters and the excellent quality of wine and other foods in this bar come restaurant.

Wines from around the world are presented in this ligne rouge wine bar that makes locals and visitors to admire at it and ligne rouge will be one of the good reasons for us all to visit Bordeaux as its name is foremost known for its wines. This ligne rouge bar has a list of more than 100 wines in its menu list that looks stupendous when you have a glance at it!

Most of the prestigious wines that are present in ligne rouge is from the several famous castles of Bordeaux. As the wine varies in their taste and character some are of ripe berry fruit character, citrus flavour, lovely floral bouquet flavour and it varies according to their method of production. Some of the wines are from organic and biodynamic agriculture.

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Chateau Haut-Brion

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Chateau Haut Brion in Pessac.

The castle has one of the longest and most interesting histories of any Bordeaux wine chateau.

Château Haut-Brion is a French wine, rated as first classified growth and produced in Pessac just outside the city of Bordeaux. It differs from other wines on the list in its geographic location in the north of the wine-growing region of Graves.

Interesting facts in History of Château Haut- Brion

The estate Château Haut-Brion dates back to April 1525 when Jean de Pontac married Jeanne de Bellon who is the daughter of the mayor of Libourne and seigneur of Hault-Brion, who was  brought to him in her dowry the land. In 1533, bought the castle of Haut-Brion, while the construction of château was begun in 1549. Haut-Brion first began using its distinctive bottle, rival designs of old decanter models, from the 1958 vintage which was released in 1960. The fierce competition that had existed between Haut-Brion and Château La Mission Haut-Brion over several years, which rose to the peak in the 1970s and early 1980s, ended when Domaine Clarence Dillon acquired La Mission in 1983.

Chateau Haut-Brion has one of the longest and most interesting histories of any Bordeaux wine chateau. The property acquires its name from an ancient Celtic term “Briga.” Loosely translated, this means a rise or mount in the land. This distinct terroir was prized for growing grapes to produce Bordeaux wine close to 600 years ago!

About marvellous production in Chateau Haut-Brion

The vineyards are elevated, up to 27 meters, somewhat above the Bordeaux norms. The soil consists of Günzian gravel and some parcels have great contents of a clay. All the vineyards are located in a cluster near the castle itself and on the other side of the main road.

The selection of optimum rootstocks and clones have been a large task at Château Haut-Brion, explored by Jean-Bernard Delmas, which has greatly contributed to the quality of the plant material in the vineyards.

The long-term aim has been to lower yields, not by green-harvesting but by ensuring healthy and balanced wines. The average age of the vines is approximately 35 years with the oldest parcels dating back to the 1930’s, planted with an average wine density of 8000 vines/ha.

The only property from outside the Medoc to be included in the 1855 classification was Haut-Brion’s viticultural history can be traced back further than its Medoc First Growth counterparts. Samuel Pepys also mentions it in his diaries. Situated in what is now Pessac-Leognan, the property will find itself now in the suburbs of the ever-encroaching city of Bordeaux.

The Château Haut-Brion vineyard is planted to 40% Cabernet Sauvignon, 37% Merlot and 18% of Cabernet Franc. A stunning white wine is also made, from a part of the vineyard which is 63% Semillon and 37% Sauvignon white. Production is smaller than at the other first growth wines, totally about 20, 000 cases, shared between the grand Vin and a second wine, formerly called Bahans- Haut-Brion but changed in 2007 to Clarence Hau-Brion in recognition of Clarence Dillon. Production of Haut-Brion white is a minute, less than 800 cases in most years.

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Chateau Pape Clément

Chateau Pape Clément

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Château Pape Clément, the classified Grand Cru de Graves.

Chateau Pape Clément or Castle Pape Clément is a Bordeaux wine from the Pessac-Léognan title, ranked among the Grands Crus Classé for red and white wine in the Classification of Graves of 1959. It is the oldest wine estate in Bordeaux, harvesting its 700th vintage in 2006.

The winery and vineyards are located in the cooperative of Pessac, south-west of the city of Bordeaux. When the estate was excluded from the initial graves classification of 1953 it caused some argument.

Astounding history of  Chateau Pape Clément

Planted in 1300, this estate is the foremost planted vineyard in the region, when it was presented to Bertrand de Goth upon his appointment as archbishop of Bordeaux, by his brother Berald. It obtained its name from Bertrand’s papal name, Clement V; on his election in 1306, he gave this estate to his successor as an archbishop, Cardinal Arnaud de Canteloup. Bertrand, who would later move the church to Avignon near Châteauneuf-du-Pape, planted this original vineyard with red wine grapes.

Grapes of white wine were planted across the river near the town of Lormont. The vineyard remained in the possession of archbishops of Bordeaux until the Revolution, when it was associated and sold as abien national.

Chateau Pape Clément is one of the oldest Grands Crus in the entire Bordeaux region. The vineyard was planted in the 13th century by Bertrand de Goth, who went on to become Pope Clement V. The estate proud itself on in pride having produced wine on the same land for 7 centuries.

Rich in history, Château Pape Clément is also proud of its beautiful park, architecture and arts, as the beautiful glasshouse built by Gustave Eiffel. Several tours & travels are available, every day (Sunday included), on a reservation.

Exciting Vineyards tour in Chateau Pape Clément

The tour includes a visit of the vineyards, the vast room (fully renovated), the ageing cellars, the grounds. It ends with the tasting in the attractive boutique, where furniture comes from an old pharmacy and where you can discover all the wines from M.Magrez’s nearly 40 properties around the world! To complete the experience, enjoy a night in one of the 5 rooms of the Castle, typical of the “Art de Vivre French”!

Decorated with 19th-century furniture, the rooms also have modern facilities like flat-screen TV and Nespresso coffee maker. Made of marble, the private bathrooms come with a bath, free restrooms and a hairdryer.

Extras include ironing facilities and a fan. Breakfast is homemade by the castle’s chef and includes bread, pastries, fresh fruit, homemade jam and yoghurt. Upon reservation, wine tastings and gastronomic evening meals are accessible.

At Château Pape Clément, you will find a garden and a terrace. Other facilities offered include meeting possibilities and a shared lounge. Arcachon Bay is 30 km away and the property offers free parking. Mérignac Airport is 8 km away.

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Château de Léognan

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Castle Leognan, Bordeaux, France.

At each and every moment, those precious berries and juice are safeguarded from damage or oxidation.

Château de Léognan estate was stretched for more than 550 hectares during the 17th century. At that time, it was belonging to Jean and housed sheepfolds called as “Metairie Caudéran”. Then during the 19th century this château de léognan was bought by a ship owner named Mathieu Seurin.

Explosive Antiquity of Château de Léognan

At the time of those years, château de léognan was altering its owners. The shape of Château de Léognan we see today was divided during the 20th century. An astounding gravel sand vein was found close to the pond then around 6 hectares of vines were planted in the idea and help of the neighbouring estate popularly known as the Domaine de Chevalier, a Classified Great Growth of Graves.

When Monsieur Jean-Marie Dubo owned this chateau Leognan, he extended the castle with a gallery supported by four columns and created a pond and a pen for the fallow deer.  Recently in 2006, after a long search for a better quality wines in a wine estate, Philipe and Chantal restored the sadly dilapidated castle and chapel into a leading glory.

To know the tasty grape plantations in léognan chateau

The vineyards need constant care during all weathers and meticulous double Guyot trimming is undertaken late, in order to reduce frost risk. The garden spots of Leognan castle nestle is in the centre of a pastoral estate, teeming with wildlife and protected from the Atlantic by pinewood forests.

The efforts of all working are dedicated to the enthralling moment of each year when autumn season heralds the ripening grapes, fruit of the earth and of the sun. Gravity is usually used to pour the grapes into the aiming machine and further selections ensure that only the very best berries reach the vats.

At each and every moment, those precious berries and juice are safeguarded from damage or oxidation. We have selected high-quality stainless steel vats with entire temperature control, where each one would correspond perfectly to our 6 different parcels. Barrels are selected from a range of coopers from various regions where each brings its own inherent flavours to the final blend.Different levels of Barrel ‘toast’ also contribute their flavours and complexity.

This advanced pump technology originally develops medical environments mainly designed to handle delicate fluids without damage and so the juice, skins and berries are gently crushed and mixed without a risk of harsh extraction or bitter tannins. Temperatures are carefully monitored throughout and after the second fermentation process, the wine is placed in barrels for maturation.

Great wines and facilities to stay in Château de léognan

The Castle is settled in the rural landscape of Léognan amongst vineyards and horses. This castle has four luxurious ensuite bedrooms that are individually designed and decorated to a very high specification, offering comfort and privacy. In lush greenery, just outside léognan vineyards and horses, the castle of léognan welcomes us all every year providing with 4 rooms along with delighting colours and materials or toning all decorated halls with comfortable and private bath. Stroll in the shade of oak and cedar trees, among the vineyards or along the lake; discover our haven of peace near Bordeaux.

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Wine Corner

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Collection of great French Bordeaux wine produced in Wine corner.

A Bordeaux wine is any good wine produced in the Bordeaux region of France.

The large range of wines in Bordeaux is selected with the best care in wine corner shop found in the historic district of Pey Berland. Wine corner shop is present as if it invited all of us to find out their collection of more than 200 wines including red and white wines from Bordeaux region, cru bourgeois and also wines from other regions of France.

Let’s have a free wine in wine corner shop

The fabulous 18th-century cellars have champagne and spirits as well as the popular grand classes of Bordeaux. In this “wine corner” shop, you can also taste a glass of wine for free and take a tasting class accompanied by a barmaid. It is even feasible to book rent rooms for a tasting of wines in a room.

In wine corner shop, you will be seduced by the selection of wines from the Bordeaux titles most precious such as Pauillac, Margaux and other gems with a worldwide reputation. Freely you can search for the wines in the trends of Bordeaux where they offer you the wines from the famed appellation like Medoc, Haut-Medoc, Pessac-Leognan, Saint-Emilion and grand wines then other.

How to learn Wine making course?

The amazing fact about the wine corner to be known is, they conduct wine tasting classes that are animated by any one of the wine waiters. Vineyards of Bordeaux through free diversity views and its specificities can be discovered there!! Options are also provided to us based on whether we are a beginner for the tasting of wine or an enthusiast about yummy wine tasting.
He service provided in this wine corner shop was really good. The wine tasting course is normally held and conducted by a wine waiter after a complete process of reservation for tasting courses specifically. You can contact wine-corner@orange.fr for reserving of your visit or any inquiry and even for a tasting course.

You can be a visitor who is a beginner, hobbyist or even a specialist in tasting a wine but do not hesitate to push the door and come into wine corner. I assure you that you will not be disappointed to have a visitor look to this wine corner shop either for just visiting or tasting a wine!

Wines from various regions displayed in wine corner

Remote areas are not forgotten and you can find wines from South Africa, Argentina, Chile and even from Uruguay. For example the wine Bouza! Can found and spot up in wine corner shop. You can find wines from different regions of France such as Bordeaux, Loire, Jura – Puffeney, Alsace, Burgundy, etc. to Italy or Spain. But also the Stopes of Products much closer: in Belgium (Domain Agaices Haul chin).

Timings for wine corner shop changed

The wine corner shop will be open for the public from Tuesday to Saturday and timings will be from 11 a.m. to 1:30 and from 3 to 8 p.m.

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