Le Carré

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The Carre restaurant in Bordeaux.

Valentine’s eve is especially​ celebrated with different menus every year specifically with the fantastic Moelleux chocolate.

Le Carré restaurant team are very welcoming to all present at the heart of the antique district found near the tram station, Paul Doumer and parking at the world town will be “€ 2” at night!!! Le Carré Restaurant is located in the charming area of the Chardon, which just takes a 2 minutes’ walk from the tram stop Paul Doumer.

About Carré Restaurant

You can sit within the shaded terrace or within the feeding area within and might currently create a good visit to induce an inspiration regarding the side of carré restaurant. Apero Tapas music is organized each Thursday.

The ambiance is going to be at the peak of our Hope with smiling servers, Quality food, sensible price and contemporary products! Le carré restaurant is exactly beautiful on the evenings because the Apero tapas eatery overflows world! If you would like to fancy your best in those, it’s better to book prior!!! I would recommend the guests to form a decision before visiting through phone, there on to carré restaurant!

Celebrations at Carré

Group meals are often organized in carré for each festive and skilled gatherings and it are often around 10 to 60 individuals of family or business gatherings. Individuals can contact and book the events through a decision with none hesitation on to Le Carré Restaurant. Various forms of parties are held in this carré restaurant and therefore, the menu varies consequently to the season and therefore, the wish list on folks having parties at carré restaurant. New Year eve is conducted every year where cappuccinos, lobsters, vegetables, foie gras, bordelaise sauce and plenty of pleasant-tasting styles of food are offered and it prices around 58 Euros approximately.

Special wines offered in Le Carré restaurant

Valentine’s eve is celebrated with different menus every year specifically with the fantastic Moelleux chocolate. For group meals, birthdays and business meals people mostly come into this carré restaurant during the year-end to enjoy their tapas buffet. Mostly the chef Brice Nougaret will make the menu you want at your disposal!!!

There are lot of wine choices in Le carré as Bordeaux is known for its wine and serving of wine as appetizer really sounds good to have and even if we arrive before opening time the servers makes us sit and provide a wine as appetizer with extreme hospitality!!!

The setting of carré is extremely pretty with special allotments according to the season whether it summer or winter special setting is made as in summer terrace with beautiful tents are arranged and whereas in winter a precious setting is made inside the eatery with a warmer to make feel the visitors comfortable.

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Wine Cellar and Co

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Wine cellar and Co provides a wide range of wines on sale. Wine tasting and tapas are present on request every day. Export is done worldwide.

Variety of cozy wines in wine cellar

This shop offers a variety of local products that has a cellar with a wide selection of wines from Bordeaux, Burgundy and elsewhere, as well as Cognac and Armagnac. The wine cellar offers a wide selection of wines from Bordeaux, Burgundy and besides Cognac & Armagnac as well, also local products such as foie gras, pâtés, rillettes of fish & foams, corks of Bordeaux. To accompany the wine tasting, hot and cold tapas, you can make an appetizer with fresh, market and craft every day, in the presence of a certified sommelier. Scalable map with the seasons is available.

Wine cellar & co is the best shop in Bordeaux as the boutique has a wide selection of fine wines at a valuable price. Look no further as wine cellar & co. is your first boutique in Bordeaux to have a visit and have those great wines!

Major significance of an employee

The Wine Cellar employee focuses on Bordeaux wine. Thousands of exclusive, explorable wine tasting notes with ratings, wineries history and profiles, images, in-depth articles, links and up to the minute harvest news are available.

The Wine Cellar members also publish special guest contributors ranging from chateaux owners, winemakers, consultants, negotiants, retailers and more. The Wine Cellar employee is the world’s leading source for Bordeaux’s successful harvest news. We also offer a wine and food section where you can talk about wine with others. You can read detailed vintage and harvest summaries from 1900 to today!

In the complete Bordeaux guide, you can learn about the historic 1855 classification of the Medoc. You can also read a detailed history of the Bordeaux region from its birth in Roman times till today. The complete Bordeaux guide also offers detailed information on the Bordeaux negotiate systems, the first growths, maps of all the major Bordeaux regions, appellations and communes.

Wine enthusiast idea and life

Jeff Leve has travelled to the Bordeaux wine region to barrel taste more than 20 times. Numerous other merchants, chateaux and negotiants of Bordeaux use them as well. He also writes about Bordeaux wine and the wine market for Pekka Nuikki’s fine magazines and foregoing for tasted magazines, which are distributed to over a dozen countries. He is also the mediator for Robert parker’s website.

In his home city, Los Angeles, California, he consults numerous restaurants, merchants and private receivers in cellar acquisitions. He’s the former president of the Westwood Food and Wine Society, Los Angeles based tasting group that has been together for over 4 decades. He is the founder and president of “7 Blind Man”, Los Angeles formed a significant group for tasting of wine, dedicated to blind for tasting wines.

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Le Pin Galant

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The Pin Galant in Bordeaux.

Le pin Galant is a gorgeous and grand theatre found in the hub of Bordeaux city. An architectural daring and extreme imagination presided in its design found in the suburbs of the Aquitaine place in MERIGNAC. This pin Galant was opened during the time of 1989 on January 20th along with the presence of Charles Aznavour. Around 1500, people can be accommodated at a single time inside this pin Galant.

Starting from its inauguration, around 2000 performances have been held like music, dance that includes, classical, modern, folks and many more varieties. From 2015, this pin Galant is administered by Philippe Prost.

Timings for Le Pin Galant

It has a powerful structure that can accommodate conferences, seminars, symposiums, conventions or simple work meetings; the equipment carrying capacity varies from 20 to 1000 people. The Administrative Service Pin Galant is open Monday to Friday from 9 am to 12 pm and from 2:30 pm to 5:30 pm.

The parking lot of store Simply Market, located on Robinson Brothers, 400 m in the extension of the Avenue of Maréchal de Lattre de Tassigny towards the ring road is also available. The priority seats are sold subscriptions; so you have the guarantee of being placed in the best part of the room based on availability.

Priority booking with relaxed comfortable seats

Guests also have a reservation priority to the presentation of next season. Reductions less about 15% of the full price and the price paid subscribers on all other performances throughout the season. Freedom possibility to exchange a ticket in the season for minimum 24 hours before the performance against any other show of the season ( to an equivalent or greater rate). Surprises you stay informed regularly receiving our newsletter and get discounts surprises for some shows during extraordinary transactions during the season.

Merignac, in the fertile west of Bordeaux, has become in a few years a perfect illustration of the multipolar development that characterizes now the Bordeaux area. This is true culturally. Le Pin Galant, opened in 1989 and completely renovated in 2011, is now a popular meeting culture in Aquitaine.

It is true economically. With very many successful companies, foremost among them the airport facilities and space complex, but in recent years by the implementation of a myriad of small and large companies, Merignac has become one of the major economic centers of the Aquitaine, quickened by over 4,500 industrial, commercial and craft enterprises.

At the gates of the great wines, a few kilometers from Arcachon Bay and the Atlantic coast, you are given the opportunity to discover unique sites in France and Europe. Shopping and visit of old Bordeaux are also in the program to put a stay in Gironde land where gastronomy is the best testimony to its friendly hospitality.

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Cognac Only

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Cognac Only, the famous shop in Bordeaux.

In cognac only shop, you'll find 400 different Cognac bottles and decanters. With its​ unique expertise, Cognac-Only stays the best.

The cognac only shops in Bordeaux and the Rochelle hosts a stunning formation of some 400 Cognac and Pineau des Charentes bottles and decanters. Although all of the big names is present like Hennessy, Martell, Courvoisier, Remy Martin, a room has also been found for smaller concerns.

Those distillers who carefully grow their own grapes slowly distil their wine and patiently age their brandy in the silence of their cellars. These are high-quality products which have remained something of a well-kept secret.

Inner details about cognac to be known

Our goal is to open the door to this extraordinary diversity and allow you to share our passion for that most coveted of spirits which are “COGNAC”. Cognac Only shop, the two only Cognac shops located in the Rochelle and Bordeaux in France, Cognac Only shops offer around 400 different bottles of cognac. International brands and little Cognac only producers include Cognac VS, Cognac VSOP, Napoleon Cognac, Cognac XO, Extra Cognac, very old Cognac.

From all crus, Fine Champagne Cognac, Grande Champagne, Petite Champagne, Borderies, Fins Bois, Bons Bois and Bois ordinaries. Personalized tracking of your orders of Cognac only and Pineau des Charentes, selection assistance is given. Pablo in Bordeaux, Dominique in La Rochelle is waiting for your orders.

Cognac review sounds good

A good place to buy the best of cognacs where only cognacs will be present and a man will be explaining the visitors about the kinds of those cognacs and which to be had before lunch or the other one that will be preferred after food. The phenomenon of making wine is explained a little. Best shop of cognac in France to judge by an “assortment of unique brands”.

There are around 400 references in this cognac only shop. Tastings of cognac are offered for people in groups and that too by an appointment.  The cognac only shops do their exports to France as well as to abroad and thematic tastings are involved in cognac shop. The best in offering the widest range of cognac and the beauty is, it offers only “cognac” and not in the cognac city!!! They do export cognac even worldwide.

Time was taken by cognac to reach and be produced

Cognac can take anything from a couple of years to centuries to come of age.  It’s all to do with the aging process in barrels and a passage of time is something that can’t be hurried unless the human race eventually manages to beat the time travel.  But until such a time, it’s only the slow passing of the years that will create the cognacs we know and love. Cognac is made in the geographical region of “cognac, France”.

Making of cognac in shade

Cognac is a beautiful amber hue. Of course, depending on the age of the cognac, this color can range from light to honey-like tones right through to a deep mahogany brown shade. This is one of the delights of cognac, you can tell so much about it even before you get close enough to smell the aroma, let alone taste it.

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Victory theatre

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The New Victory Theatre!

It launched its 2011-12 season in October 2011 with the New York premiere of The Little Prince. Written by Rick Cummins and John.

Victory theatre is located in a lively neighbourhood and exactly found at the “Rue des Augustins” in the Bordeaux city. Victory square, in addition to being famous for its dynamic and youth, welcomed the birth of new theatre in her neighbourhood. The Victory Theatre offers a programme mostly of successful comedies. In Victory theatre, there is an updated modern version for watching those magic flutes which are extreme of having fun!

Redesign works changed appearance of victory theatre

The recent restoration of this victory theatre makes it a place of character revealing in his hallway soft lighting, walls in stone under ambient lighting. In a dynamic district, Victory Theatre offers you the opportunity for an evening show with laughter guaranteed. Around 175 seats are available.

A few steps from the popular St. Catherine Street, the famous place victory theatre puts on all its finery to offer all lovers of successful exits, a new place of theatrical and cultural entertainment more enjoyable. This theatre is familiar for its reasonable price that is around 15 and 20 Euros, you can also book in online. A nearby dinner restaurant is also accessible from victory theatre. “Victory theatre” will ensure a relaxed good evening spent in Bordeaux!

Waiting time seems enjoyable before play

The rooms present in the theatre has really friendly ambience where people can have a drink while waiting before the play gets started. I recommend you to just taste it without missing such wonderful experience!

Making of Victory Theatre

Theatre hall is dedicated to the art and temporary exhibitions and has a small, contemporary and friendly bar offers a room of around 160 seats. Victory theatre offers its audience a happy comfortable room.  The offerings are free and unnumbered.  This sounds amazing right!!

In order to offer a new programme of the most famous plays and comedies current success, the team of cafe theatre of fine arts opened this theatre. You can prepare yourself to spend an entertaining evening that will make you a fits of laughter which is worth spending!

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Virtual tour of Bordeaux Wine.

The vinotheque is the club of wine shop found in Bordeaux. It offers free tastings of wines during December and on Saturdays throughout the year. Vinotheque has a wide range of varieties of wine. From vinotheque wine exports are also done for some countries. In Bordeaux, the doors of Vinotheque were opened for wines during 1973. The commitment of vinotheque shop is to provide the wine lovers with quality and richness from their selection. An expertise of renowned wine merchants serves in this vinotheque wine club.

Recent updates in Vinotheque

Vinotheque is also available in online sales where they sell wine of Bordeaux from our selection that are available with French and foreign champagnes and spirits. People looking for prestigious and rare wines can orient to the sanctuary directly that has the distinct collection of fine wines.

Vinothque sells the most scanned wine from the winery. This shop is the iconic wine merchant in the hub of the Bordeaux city in France. This shop is an idea of a house of Bordeaux in a high frame. Vinotheque has an opportunity to make surprising discoveries as it not only sells wine Bordeaux, it offers wines from all around the world! The only wine shops that is present from the 20th century.

The vinotheque of Bordeaux offers large format in wine fair that are held in a city of Bordeaux. This shop looks really precious and the hospitality offered by the person working is extremely good. You can have you the choice of wine starting from moderate budget to high range. The choice of selection depends on you people who are purchasing. A large selection of wines from Bordeaux can be awaited here in vinotheque as it has lots and lots of varieties in wines. The vinotheque is architected in such way facing the building of interprofessional Council of Bordeaux wines. You can find the perfect wine that will be on your budget.

Count of wines found in Vinotheque

The Vinotheque, which holds around 2,000 references of wines, champagnes and spirits, has finished an extensive renovation and it celebrates its 40 year anniversary. Hence, a novel wine testing area is now present on the first floor with unique views of the aisles Tourny. It can hold cocktail parties of up to 100 and has seated dinner capacity of 50 so may adapt as a meeting room for your seminars too!

The types of venue that can be held on vinotheque are a meeting room, private dining, unique venue and more. Vinotheque is at beneficiary under the main great wines of Bordeaux for around 35 years. This is a status trader to the wine of Bordeaux. All new and young wines for sale on the site will have been subjected of a purchase from the castles.

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National Theatre of Bordeaux

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Popular Theatre of Bordeaux, France.

The National Theatre of Bordeaux in Aquitaine known as TnBA is the national dramatic centre of Bordeaux, located in square Jean Vauthier in the Holy Cross neighbourhood, which is in the south of Bordeaux. It is administered by Catherine Marnas who is the director of Bordeaux National theatre in Aquitaine.

Facts to be known about National theatre of Bordeaux 

The theatre has particularly some prestigious equipment that consist of an auditorium named Jean Vauthier, a welcome central space, a bookshop corner, an exhibition hall and a restaurant “Le Tn’bar”. A blend theatre of dreams, tears, loud bursts of laughter and invigorating anger. With the Bordeaux Conservatory and the School of Fine Arts nearby, the TNBA contributes to the lively Sainte-Croix district, set to become a new pole of attraction.

Bordeaux National Theatre in Aquitaine is a National Drama Centre (CDN) whose mission is the creation, production and dissemination of theatrical works as well as the development of actions to promote access of theatre for all audiences. With 60,000 spectators, the TnBA is a major cultural venue in Bordeaux and the Aquitaine Region.

The national Bordeaux theatre was installed in 18th-century sugar warehouse. So are presented in three halls of TnBA nearly 180 performances of theatre, dance, puppets and circus without forgetting the young audience.

Old times and foundation of National Theatre of Bordeaux

Depending upon the opportunities, low cost of around 50% seats is available for the public, for shows taking place on the same day. The Bordeaux drama regional centre was born in the early 1950s. Theatre named port of the moon, by Robert Abirached. This theatre was completed in 1990.

The theatre is renowned National Theatre of Bordeaux in Aquitaine and Dominique Pitoiset became a manager for ten years until the appointment of Catherine Manras in January 2014 to head the TnBA. The new season is so made that it feeds the multitude who founded the theatre and the performing arts today.

The Graduate School of Bordeaux in Aquitaine theatre takes place in the same walls and is directed by the same director as TnBA. The school has a new promotion every three years; usually promotions consist of seven girls and seven boys. It was initiated by Dominique Pitoiset second TnBA director.

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Bordeaux, secrets of great wines

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Wine Lifestyle Secrets with Bordeaux.

The world of wine within the town of Bordeaux revolves around producers and negotiates i.e. the merchants; around 70% of all wines are sold by the last. A visitor’s day will begin with a tour in the chartrons district that has been the main part for the trade of wine for various centuries. The museum devoted to the merchants shows that how well they came from Northern Europe during the 17th century and contributed enormously to Bordeaux’s prosperity.

It has a port where the exporting of wine is also stressed. After having a relaxed and luxurious lunch at baud and millet restaurant, based on the program, it will be the time to visit Saint-Emilion or the Medoc. A day-long excursion within the city and vineyards includes the Chartrons (the historic wine merchants’ district) and the prestigious Saint-Emilion on Wednesdays or the Medoc during Saturdays.

A day in Bordeaux

During Wednesdays, the afternoon will begin with a tour in an estate followed by a tasting in the saint-Emilion. The secret of making good wine will be defined in detail and also about terroir, grape varieties, winemaking, barrel ageing, etc.

The day will pleasantly end in visiting the popular medieval town of Bordeaux. The terroir of Bordeaux is quite simply the soil. There is a range of things to contemplate that make the special terroir of Bordeaux.

The sweet, white Bordeaux wine of Sauternes and Barsac are produced from their own, distinct sets of soils, terroir and gentle slopes. During Saturdays tour is planned in the Medoc where there will a two kind of visits the first one will be at a family owned estate and next will be to a chateau which is famous for its quirky regional architecture. As this tour involves tasting of Wine, some restrictions are followed where children under the age of 13 are not allowed in this tour and teenager under 18 will not be allowed to taste the wine.

Schedule of tour in Bordeaux

Bordeaux is synonymous with wine and an unprecedented heritage and boasts of no, but 5000 chateaux. The tour is scheduled with timings beginning from the departure, then lunch and the final reach and moreover it is a guided tour where the ancient and modern things are explained to the visitors. Best Time to visit Bordeaux. The middle of March is cooling, however, nice and most of the folks you would like to envision area unit in Bordeaux, preparing for the all-important Gregorian calendar month tastings.

The centre of the Gregorian calendar month is ideal because scoop tastings are completed and the general public area unit in Bordeaux. With the exception of a period in odd-numbered years that we tend to already told you regarding, thanks to Vinexpo, Bordeaux is ideal to go to till everybody leaves for vacation in August. Ranging from the start of September to reap is once more excellent for visiting the Bordeaux region.

From the centre of October till late November is additionally nice for a visit to Bordeaux. By the tip of November, Bordeaux will get quite cold and not be as pleasurable to go to for many folks. This tour explores the vineyards that have created Bordeaux wines notable in the planet over on this full-day wine tour. One may discover Bordeaux’s extraordinary wine heritage, history and develop a style for the fabulous wines of Bordeaux!

To take a tour consisting of 10 persons anyone can contact the Bordeaux tourist office by emailing to resavisit@bordeaux-tourisme.com for checking the availability and price. One day will begin by morning 9:30 a.m. from Bordeaux tourist office and returns back by 6:30 p.m. in the evening. A day spent in the city of Bordeaux and vineyards to understand the secrets behind wine making in Bordeaux will be amazing!!!

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Cafe Theatre des Beaux Arts

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The Cafe Theatre des Beaux Arts is an intimate warm place. It offers the opportunity to dine and attend performances in a friendly and cheerful atmosphere. The pieces are played effective and light comedies that can charm the spectators. Cafe theatre is very close to the tourist information centre and feels very fresh along with good service and I would recommend to all!

Ambience in Cafe theatre

It is the perfect place to have a good time entertainment. The formula dinner show is composed of a slate with several dishes and drinks. A happy team awaits you, comfort and ambience are very pleasant and you are under excellent arrangements to make the most of your evening entertainment and that of artists spans prepared with great enthusiasm.

A true dinner theatre of up to 100 seats with 3/4th around a bistro table The theatre opens one hour before the show, as well, comfortably installed with friends or family around your table, you can, if you like, eat or drink.

Located at the entrance of the city, the heart of the St. Croix area traditionally devoted to art and culture and near the docks of Bordeaux trendy nights, Cafe Theatre des Beaux Arts is a unique place designed by passionate celebration and theatre.

Enthusiasm filled theatre

This place, with easy access of car park opposite on the quays, offers an evening of relaxation and pleasure. The team welcomes you with a smile and offers to live a great moment to laugh in a place full of charm and character. The cafe theatre of the beaux arts is a performance hall and events venue in the municipality of Bordeaux in Gironde, Aquitaine. The programme varies depending on the season.

Come and see the show, you can simply enjoy a drink in a warm and friendly atmosphere. Between warm decor, gourmet meals and detonating shows is a great time of entertainment that awaits you! Here, nothing makes us happier than to share our passion of the show, always faithful to our motto: Laughing, dreaming, meet, munch.

The team of the Cafe Theatre des Beaux Arts gives an entire pleasure of enjoying the shows. In a fusion of performances, authenticity and fun, Cafe Theatre des beaux Arts strives to seduce you, make you laugh or amaze you. “Let the show begin!” and our enjoyment meet their end.

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Saint-Emilion & Pomerol, wine and heritage

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Saint-Émilion & Pomerol.

Grand Cru Classé in Saint-Emilion is located on an exceptional site next to the prestigious castle.

Saint-Emilion and Pomerol is a famous winemaking region of France. A small tour to saint-Emilion and Pomerol wine region can be taken in Bordeaux that involves attractive sceneries, sightseeing and fine wines and making. This tour will be a marvellous day to be out of the city starting from Bordeaux to saint-Emilion and Pomerol wine space.

The tour is involved with 8 persons and peoples of specific ages as it includes wine tasting. During the tasting of wines, you will learn about the dominant grapes used in the individual appellation and how factors such as climate and soil can enhance or influence a wine’s flavor. The wines of Saint-Emilion are world noted one during the reign of john in 1199. A group will be separated in the tour within the visitors to help us with a guide. The price of this tour will include transportation, guide, wine tastings and the entrance fee for the monuments that are underground.

To know Saint-Emilion

This extensive tour of Pomerol and Saint-Emilion appellations with an introduction of the most famous wine castles and of the extraordinary winemaking landscape was classified as a World Heritage site by the UNESCO. Saint-Emilion Pomerol wine region is located in the village named saint Emilion, being one of the foremost charming areas it is also one of the essential red wine places in Bordeaux.

Then departing from Saint-Emilion will travel to a nearby wine estate in the Pomerol title, where you will enjoy wine tasting in a Grand Cru Classé castle. You will be introduced to the art and techniques involved in the winemaking process and taken on a tour for a vat house and the cellars before coming back to Bordeaux.

Grand Cru Classé in Saint-Emilion is located on an exceptional site next to the prestigious castle. The brand new cellar, designed by the famous architect Jean Nouvel is a highly precise tool that is set to perfectly for the techniques of wine making and to highlight its unique soil. Jean Nouvel won the Pritzker Prize in 2008, for this architect of the underground he made.

History about Saint-Emilion and Pomerol

St. Emilion is the oldest active wine-producing appellation in Bordeaux region with a history that dates back to the times of the ancient Romans. Today, the village of St. Emilion is protected by UNESCO, world heritage site. St. Emilion also lays to claim the oldest wine society of France. The Jurade of St Emilion was formed during 1199. St. Emilion was the first region in Bordeaux to export their wines. Due to the ease of ship taking place in the 14th century, with only a few wines scattered in the Medoc. St. Emilion wine has already been shipped to England at the request of King Edward.

Production in Saint-Emilion

More than 800 different producers make wine in St. Emilion. There are large estates found in the appellation, but the average size of the vineyard would be 7 hectares. Annually, around 2.4 million cases of wine are produced in saint Emilion and Pomerol. With its huge layers and deposits of limestone, St. Emilion and Pomerol wine from the castle  located on the plateau or cotes, produces the wine of richness, exotic textures and minerality.

The unique limestone soils of St. Emilion promotes the development of deep roots that are capable of enduring long, dry spells without water, along the ability to absorb the specific, trace elements and qualities found in the Limestone terroir.

The prime overwhelming feature of saint Emilion wine are that they are  from the sandy soils in Saint-Emilion are lighter, offering more of a red fruit nature, while the wines from clay and limestone soils are often richer, deeper and longer lasting.

To best enjoy your visit to Saint-Emilion and Bordeaux surroundings, book a driver with Bordeaux Green Car . You will get an Hybrid Car with a responsible driver. Tel : +33 7 54 26 19 40

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