The Val de Garonne

admin The Val de Garonne

Discover The valley of the Garonne in Bordeaux. The agricultural Eden of Val de Garonne leads you away from the struggling path. Nature is present here in all its wonder. In the powerful bond that has been worked in between the residents and the Garonne River. In the waterway sparkling under the standard trees and in the hillsides scattered with …


Cognac and the Charente

admin Cognac and the Charente

Discover City of cognac and Charente area in France. Cognac and the Charente is a name known all over the world, a prestigious brandy, but it is also a great opportunity to tour and visit the city, trading houses, villages and countryside of the surrounding Charente. How cognac and the Charente early village became famous? Cognac was once a little …

The Rochelle and island of Re

admin La Rochelle and Re island

Discover La Rochelle port, towers, old town and Fort Boyard. Island of re is being variously called as Rhe, Rhéa and more popularly known as the Isle of Rhé. It is an island off the west coast of France near the Rochelle, on the northern side of the Pertuis of Antioch strait. The island’s highest point has an elevation of …

Lacanau and the Medoc

admin Lacanau and the Medoc

Discover Médoc Océan and Lacanau. Medoc Ocean has a very lucky geographical position as it is having both beachfront towns and hinterland communities. It is found on a stone’s throw away from world renowned wine chateaux on the planet and less than one hour from Bordeaux. Attractive Medoc Ocean Medoc Ocean is the gateway to generous and unique destinations like …


Biarritz and the Pays Basque

admin Biarritz-and-the-Pays-Basque

Discover Tourism in the Basque country. The city of Biarritz is located along the ocean, at the beginning of the rocky coast of the Basque country. Biarritz and the Basque Country is where the Basque spirit shines. A tourist resort is found between the ocean and mountains, Biarritz would be happy to display the green, red and white colours of …

Blaye’s citadel and Gironde’s estuary

admin Blaye citadel and Gironde estuary

Discover Gironde Estuary a European trip covering 18 stops and 10 stages from Verdun in France to lake Maggiore in Italy and over 4000 miles. Blaye’s fort and outwork of Vauban is a typical work of military architecture in the western side. Blaye’s citadel is listed as a World Heritage Site, since the year 2008. Design of Blaye’s Citadel A …

Diving Hortense

Scuba and Snorkeling

admin Bassin d'Arcachon

Discover Scuba and Snorkeling experience. Arcachon bay is the bay of Atlantic Ocean on the southwest coast of France. The main diving area for Bordeaux divers is the Arcachon bay. It is a lagoon of 250 square km. The Arcachon Bay is the biggest sand dune in Europe. Dive sites in Arcachon bay The two main dive sites are Hortense …

Oyster house Gujan

Oyster House – Gujan-Mestras

admin Bassin d'Arcachon

Discover Paradise oysters ! Bassin d' Arcachon, France Oyster House located in Gujan-Mestras of Arcachon Bay. They have wild oysters that has been collected and consumed. Oyster House was created ten years past by the oyster producers to point out everybody. However works their business and promote the Arcachon bay that is the initial oyster production centre in Europe. Oyster …

Zoo Arcachon

Arcachon Bay Zoo

admin Bassin d'Arcachon

Discover Arcachon Bay Zoo where you can find extraordinary animals from five continents. Arcachon Bay zoo is the largest zoo of Aquitaine. The zoo consists of around 600 animals. In Arcachon bay zoo, you can find extraordinary animals from five continents: Indian rhino mammal, black rhino mammal, giraffes, orangutans, white tigers. Introduction of Arcachon bay zoo The zoo combinedly offers …

Thiers Jetty

admin Bassin d'Arcachon

Discover Thiers Jetty the beach, the city center, the streets and the pier. Thiers jetty is a wonderful tourist place in Arcachon bay. It is a landing space in which the area is good for fun and holidays. Children can have lots of fun filled with amusement. Sightseeing in Thiers jetty The tourist spot is a well-developed walkway. A large …