Le Carré

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Discover The Carre restaurant in Bordeaux. Valentine’s eve is especially​ celebrated with different menus every year specifically with the fantastic Moelleux chocolate. Le Carré restaurant team are very welcoming to all present at the heart of the antique district found near the tram station, Paul Doumer and parking at the world town will be “€ 2” at night!!! Le Carré Restaurant is located in …


Wine Cellar and Co

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Wine cellar and Co provides a wide range of wines on sale. Wine tasting and tapas are present on request every day. Export is done worldwide. Variety of cozy wines in wine cellar This shop offers a variety of local products that has a cellar with a wide selection of wines from Bordeaux, Burgundy and elsewhere, as well as Cognac …

Le Pin Galant

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Discover The Pin Galant in Bordeaux. Le pin Galant is a gorgeous and grand theatre found in the hub of Bordeaux city. An architectural daring and extreme imagination presided in its design found in the suburbs of the Aquitaine place in MERIGNAC. This pin Galant was opened during the time of 1989 on January 20th along with the presence of …


Cognac Only

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Discover Cognac Only, the famous shop in Bordeaux. In cognac only shop, you’ll find 400 different Cognac bottles and decanters. With its​ unique expertise, Cognac-Only stays the best. The cognac only shops in Bordeaux and the Rochelle hosts a stunning formation of some 400 Cognac and Pineau des Charentes bottles and decanters. Although all of the big names is present …

Victory theatre

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Discover The New Victory Theatre! It launched its 2011-12 season in October 2011 with the New York premiere of The Little Prince. Written by Rick Cummins and John. Victory theatre is located in a lively neighbourhood and exactly found at the “Rue des Augustins” in the Bordeaux city. Victory square, in addition to being famous for its dynamic and youth, …



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Discover Virtual tour of Bordeaux Wine. The vinotheque is the club of wine shop found in Bordeaux. It offers free tastings of wines during December and on Saturdays throughout the year. Vinotheque has a wide range of varieties of wine. From vinotheque wine exports are also done for some countries. In Bordeaux, the doors of Vinotheque were opened for wines during 1973. The commitment …

National Theatre of Bordeaux

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Discover Popular Theatre of Bordeaux, France. The National Theatre of Bordeaux in Aquitaine known as TnBA is the national dramatic centre of Bordeaux, located in square Jean Vauthier in the Holy Cross neighbourhood, which is in the south of Bordeaux. It is administered by Catherine Marnas who is the director of Bordeaux National theatre in Aquitaine. Facts to be known …


Bordeaux, secrets of great wines

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Discover Wine Lifestyle Secrets with Bordeaux. The world of wine within the town of Bordeaux revolves around producers and negotiates i.e. the merchants; around 70% of all wines are sold by the last. A visitor’s day will begin with a tour in the chartrons district that has been the main part for the trade of wine for various centuries. The …

Cafe Theatre des Beaux Arts

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The Cafe Theatre des Beaux Arts is an intimate warm place. It offers the opportunity to dine and attend performances in a friendly and cheerful atmosphere. The pieces are played effective and light comedies that can charm the spectators. Cafe theatre is very close to the tourist information centre and feels very fresh along with good service and I would …


Saint-Emilion & Pomerol, wine and heritage

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Discover Saint-Émilion & Pomerol. Grand Cru Classé in Saint-Emilion is located on an exceptional site next to the prestigious castle. Saint-Emilion and Pomerol is a famous winemaking region of France. A small tour to saint-Emilion and Pomerol wine region can be taken in Bordeaux that involves attractive sceneries, sightseeing and fine wines and making. This tour will be a marvellous …